As Knowledge Transfer Manager for Energy and Infrastructure at Innovate UK KTN Steffan works to support companies and organisations within the energy and infrastructure sectors, focusing on cross cutting energy technologies and their energy impact.

Steffan leads on the hydrogen economy innovation network which has over 2000 members and is focused on finding innovative solutions to enabling low carbon hydrogen uptake at scale.

A key part of Steffan’s role is to facilitate between the science and technology base and industrial organisations to drive growth, promote networking and stimulate innovation.

Prior to the KTN, Steffan worked for a national FTSE 100 company, most recently as Energy Optimisation Manager where he was responsible for identifying, pursuing and implementing next step energy opportunities in order to reduce and balance consumption and cost. This led to projects including an Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator heat recovery bid, approval to pilot a 2MW battery storage installation, and the evaluation and implementation of a frequency response opportunity across 70 sites.