Over 15yrs experience working in the Hydrogen and fuel cell industry, with 10 of these years focussing on the development of PEM fuel cell technologies for Automotive and Stationary applications.

Presentation Synopsis

As industry strive to take hydrogen technologies to large scale industrialisation, enhancements in durability, performance and cost are becoming paramount.

HORIBA are working with its customers, in partnership to develop new measurement, testing and analytical solutions that help to efficiently accelerate adoption and deployment.

In this session you will learn how HORIBA are developing advanced solutions for measuring hydrogen quality, flow consumption and materials analysis for fuel cell, electrolyser and hydrogen combustion technologies.

Also how HORIBA MIRA Technology Park is partnering with green hydrogen technology providers to create the ‘UK’s Hydrogen Technology Hub’ (UKH2TH) providing a catalyst for hydrogen eco-systems.

About: HORIBA:

HORIBA is a measurement company providing analytical, test and consultancy solutions for the Hydrogen and fuel cell sector. HORIBA’s measurement solutions span from material research instruments, fuel cell and electrolyser test station evaluators, to Hydrogen analysers and fuel cell vehicle engineering design consultancy.