Presentation Title
‘Do we have what it takes to be Good Ancestors?’

Looking at the work the RSA are doing with the Oceania network on how long-term decision making is essential but difficult to deliver.

Phillip has 30 years experience in government, including as Director of Energy Environment and Waste in DETR where he worked on Sustainable Consumption and Production issues, energy efficiency and fuel poverty, the climate change levy and on Waste Strategy 2000.
Later he had 7 years as a Director of WRAP where he was involved in the creation of the Courtauld Commitment.
At the 2011 National Recycling Awards he was given the Lifetime Achievement award.
Phillip “retired” from WRAP in 2011 but remains involved with the waste and resource sector.  He is the Senior Independent Director on the board of OPRL Ltd – the on-pack recycling label company and leads the Sustainability Network of the Royal Society of Arts