E.ON is leading the energy transition, providing smart, sustainable and personalised solutions for customers at home, in business and across entire towns and cities.  Phil McDermott is part of the City Energy Transformation team, responsible for developing strategic, long term partnerships with private and public sector organisations, local authorities and property developers to support their transition to net zero – through both electrification and hydrogen.  Phil has over 17 years of experience at E.ON, delivering innovative business solutions and looking at developing entire sustainable cities across the UK, working alongside electric vehicle charging, lighting and grid, new connections, energy management and district heating teams.  Phil’s aim is to improve people’s lives by placing decarbonisation and transformation of cities at the heart of our strategy.  In approaching the UK’s 2050 net zero target, E.ON are helping thousands of businesses take control of their energy and our experts are delivering sustainable energy solutions to help businesses cut costs, reduce energy waste, and meet their sustainability goals.