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‘Climate change is water change’

Clean water. We all need it to survive. But right now, our changing climate is making life harder for the world’s poorest people already struggling to get clean water. Those who tread lightest on the planet and contribute least to rising global temperatures are carrying the heaviest burden. A reliable source of clean water is one of the first lines of defense against the impact of a warming planet, it saves lives, brings certainty and enables progress. And it’s time to make it normal for everyone, everywhere.

It is the most vulnerable and poorest people, who have done the least to cause global warming, who suffer the most through climate change and this climate change can be seen in issues around water such as: drought, storms, flooding, rising sea levels and melting glaciers.


Nik has worked in the water industry for 15 years, most recently specialising in area of learning and development.  She has a passion to equip people to be the best they can be, using coaching and learning techniques to help colleagues develop capability and curiosity to solve business problems every day.

Nik was selected as the Severn Trent ambassador on the Water Industry supporters trip 2016, to visit WaterAid projects first hand in Mozambique. She also completed WaterAid’s gruelling Trek Madagascar in 2017, contributing to an amazing £100,000 raised collectively by the trekkers for WaterAid Projects in Madagascar.

She’s been a volunteer on the WaterAid speaker network for the past ten years, raising awareness of the brilliant work WaterAid does to change lives for the better – making access to clean water, good hygiene practices and decent toilets normal for everyone, everywhere by 2030!