Nat’s focus is on the intersection of design, creativity and social change. She brings a deep knowledge of human centred design and a practical approach to systems thinking. At the RSA, Nat provides strategic input across a range of projects including Make Fashion Circular, Leeds Fashion Futures, Cities of Learning and the Student Design Awards. Nat is currently exploring the evolution of the design practice from human centred towards regenerative; grounding the practice of design in a living systems view of the world, recognising the need for us to reconsider our relationships with one another and the planet we are part of. Nat has spearheaded ground-breaking work towards diversity and inclusion at the RSA. She engages sensitively in complex, cross-cultural contexts and strives to achieve practical and sustainable impact.

Nat has over 11 years of experience working in design projects and collaborating on a variety of social businesses in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Prior to joining the RSA, Nat spent five years in Myanmar working with textile and jewellery artisans and entrepreneurs to establish sustainable businesses and support heritage crafts. She holds a BA in Design for Visual Communications and a MSc. in International Business and Management for Design (focused on services and social innovation).