I joined HORIBA in 2018 after graduating from Bournemouth university having completed a Product Design degree. I was part of HORIBA UK’s engineering & design department, as a Product Design Engineer, developing solutions for different automotive test applications. I recently moved into our applications sales team in 2021, focusing on Hydrogen testing applications & solutions

Presentation Description

Measurement is at the core of HORIBA’s business and we have provided researchers, OEM’s and agencies for 70 years the tools to research and develop technology and products. The Hydrogen Energy business is no different, and with HORIBA’s established applications knowledge, we are unique in supporting our clients/customers from cradle to grave. Utilising our technology, competence & provenance we can apply it to improve customer solutions whether it be cost, quality, robustness, reliability and more.

Since 2001, HORIBA has supplied fuel cell & electrolyser test stations, with expert applications support. This is easily combined with our proprietary gas analysis experience and offerings, for a complete solution. In 2021 a new factory in Barleben Germany was opened, to meet the rise in demand.