Dr. Leighton Holyfield is a chemical engineer with strong knowledge of sustainable energy production, storage and use. He has been an Energy Consultant with Kiwa for 3 years, in which time he has worked on a number of projects related to hydrogen and zero carbon energy, including acting as the design engineer for both the Kiwa SMR hydrogen production site and the coinciding laboratory upgrades; constructing models for optimising the design of an electrolyser-based hydrogen production plant (fed by electricity from a wind turbine); and testing old gas-fired appliances to ensure their suitability for use with blends of hydrogen in natural gas. After graduating with a PhD in Sustainable Chemical technologies from the University of Bath in 2018 (looking at adsorptive hydrogen storage), he spent 1 ½ years working for a process engineering consultancy that specialised in process modelling; building and using digital twins to answer complex safety and operational questions for clients, before moving to Kiwa.”

Presentation Title

‘Kiwa SMR – Demonstrating Local Hydrogen Production, Distribution and Use’