I have a BA Fine Art and MA Design and Digital Media. My industrial experience includes working in motorsport and special effects in the film industry. From 1995 I became interested in sustainable design and was prompted (by the poor air quality in London where I was working) to start investigations into urban transport. Experience in motorsport gave me a good background in engineering lightweight structures and this, coupled with an interest in electric drive and hydrogen fuel cells allowed me to pursue the goal of designing useful urban mobility devices with zero emissions. Air quality remains problematic across the world, so the imperative is still there. Key successes:

DTi SMART award for first fuel cell design 2001

DTi R&D Grant for a second new design 2004

HFCCAT funding (2007) for hydrogen station and 5 Microcabs trialled on University of Birmingham campus.

Niche Vehicle Network grant for the design of H2EV vehicle in 2009,

Joining UK government’s CABLED trials 2011, only fuel cell vehicle therein.

Nominated for Conde Nast Innovation in Transport Award 2012

Joining the EU SWARM hydrogen fuel cell vehicle program, UK, Belgium, Germany 2013

Signing MoU with South Africa for joint fuel cell vehicle development 2013