Create Flow

A positive change consultancy enabling purpose led business to achieve its full impact through its people.  Our mission is to co-create a positive and biodiverse future where people, planet and profit are in balance and thriving.  We create space that enables psychological growth so that you and your organisation bring your values and purpose fully active and alive.  We bring psychological expertise and experiential development activities to deliver tangible impact so that you achieve your full purpose and everyone benefits.


Jill Chapman – Co-Founder

Jill is a Chartered Occupational and Organisational Psychologist with a passion for bringing science and evidence based tools and techniques to people and organisations so that they thrive in their work and life and achieve their full purpose. Jill loves individual and group coaching, as well as facilitating teams on a process of discovery to achieve breakthroughs through increased awareness, clarity, motivation and integration of intelligence.  She draws from her training in psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience, somatics, systems thinking and group dynamics in working with clients from all sectors and internationally.


Gary King – Co-Founder

Gary King is an enthusiastic optimist from Baldock, North Hertfordshire where he lives with his wife, two teenagers and dog. He is a psychologist, coach, facilitator and adventurer. Gary spends much of his spare time carving spoons, making stuff out of wood, listening to music and indulging as much as possible in the outdoors and nature. His values of honesty and equality, along with his energy, are big drivers in his work with Create Flow where he passionately facilitates positive change in people, their organisations and the planet.


Beth Clare McManus – Co-Founder

Beth Clare McManus is a tall, creative human from Manchester. A qualified psychologist and coach, occasional illustrator and bookbinder who enjoys playing with clay and embroidery, and making playlists to capture moods and emotions. Her work balances playfulness with practicality, bringing creativity and logic together. Her values of curiosity and empathy drive her work with Create Flow in a multidisciplinary and reflective direction, at the very centre of which is a desire to support others to be human at work.