Presentation Title

“Building Local Hydrogen Hubs / Hydrogen Valleys: Lessons from the Ground”.

Content: practical tools for developing and implementing H2 Hubs/Valleys, including case studies (HEAVENN, GREEN HYSLAND and BIG HIT projects), practical experience and lessons learnt.


Dr Enrique Troncoso is managing director of Enercy B.V., a leading consultancy focused on project development, project management and technical support for hydrogen deployment. He has worked in renewables, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for over 20 years, including 8 years as a project leader with Boeing Research & Technology. Enrique is currently focusing on the commercial implementation of hydrogen into local energy hubs. He is the technical project lead of the first European Hydrogen Valley, the HEAVENN project, and was previously technical coordinator of the BIG HIT project. Enrique also works as expert advisor to the European Commission, the UK government and the International Energy Agency on low carbon energy & transport funding programs and large-scale hydrogen deployment.