Dr Graham Cooley joined ITM Power as CEO in 2009. ITM Power was the first hydrogen related company to be listed on the London Stock Market, and has been developing electrolyser equipment for over 20 years.
Graham started his career in the power sector in 1989, joining the CEGB and becoming Business Development Manager at National Power plc and then International Power plc, developing energy storage and new generation technologies.
Before joining ITM Power, Graham was CEO of Sensortec Ltd, founding CEO of Metalysis Ltd, a spin out from Cambridge University, and founding CEO of Antenova Ltd.
Graham has a PhD in physics, an MBA, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Metals, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM), and a Fellow of the Energy Institute (FEI). Graham is also a member of the UK Government’s Hydrogen Advisory Council, and a board member of RenewableUK.

Presentation Title:

‘The Energy Transition; a huge opportunity for the green Hydrogen industry’

Presentation Abstract:

Graham will give a brief introduction to ITM Power and to the development of the global green hydrogen industry including global electrolyser targets. The scale up of the industry and market activity will be discussed including industry sectors, project sizes and regions of the world with the greatest activity. The challenges of meeting industry growth including large scale electrolysis, manufacturing scale up and deployment will also be addressed.