Presentation Title

‘Creating momentum for change – lessons from industry’

Background Information

We know that people are at the heart of any organisational change. If you want to change behaviour, you must first change people’s attitudes, values and beliefs. 

The presentation will focus on Tribes experience in the health, safety & wellbeing arena, our combination of art and science. Exploring Tribe’s unique three-stage approach to ActivateMotivate and Cultivate change for the long term.


Colin has worked in the field of organisation and safety culture for more than 12 years, leading work within the NHS, he has also led a human factors programme for Rolls Royce Aircraft Engines ARO and contributing to a major culture change programme at BAE Systems and

He has delivered quality and safety programmes receiving national recognition within the leisure and health sectors.

Colin is experienced at delivering across organisations from the frontline to the Boardroom and contributes thought pieces to the Tribe Culture Changes online insights forum Tribe Vibe.

Colin had spent more than 20 years in senior roles within local government including a number of years as Chief Executive of a leisure trust employing 235 staff across a range of sites.

Sectors Colin has worked in the NHS & healthcare, social housing, education, utilities & power generation, defence, local government, construction, logistics and manufacturing.