Bevil Williams is passionate about the role that better IT infrastructure has to play in the development of education and healthcare, both in the UK and across the developing world.

Bevil is the founder and MD of Re-PC Ltd, a social enterprise business that specialises in re-purposing IT equipment for reuse in communities across the UK. Through his work, Bevil his actively involved in preventing unwanted IT equipment going into landfill and lowering carbon footprints, supporting charities and local communities by providing them with access to computer equipment, providing training and learning opportunities for disadvantaged people in the local community and bridging the digital divide.

Bevil’s 30 years’ experience in both consultancy and the social enterprise sector has seen him involved in numerous projects that have helped shape new IT infrastructure in the UK and developing countries, addressing the digital divide that so often exists.

Bevil is committed to tackling digital poverty, which has been made more apparent under Covid lockdowns, by providing IT hardware and Broadband connectivity to some of the most deprived communities in UK cities and beyond.

Taking a global view, Bevil now works at a strategic level with companies, organisations, and community projects to bridge the digital divide, making computers and the internet accessible for all.