Andrew Cunningham is Managing Director of GeoPura, a clean energy company committed to providing emission-free energy. In collaboration with Siemens Energy, GeoPura brings to market and commercializes affordable hydrogen and zero-emission fuel-based technologies.

GeoPura is deploying green hydrogen power today, eliminating fossil fuels from off grid, temporary, backup and supplementary power and helping businesses reach net zero. The only emissions are pure water and heat.

Before GeoPura, Andrew founded and managed several high-tech companies including AVT, which developed the electrical financial trading system still used by every bank in the world. The company was purchased by Reuters in 2002. With an academic background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, he is also the inventor of several key patents relating to secure communications. Andrew has invested his personal money in sustainable energy research and development, with particular interest in renewable energy storage and zero emission fuels and is an Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham.