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March 16 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell




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Andreas Froemmel – VP Commercial & Business Development , Fuel Cell Energy Solutions GmbH
Fuel Cell Technology for Grid Support, OnSite Power, Storage and Hydrogen Infrastructure’


Kevin Fothergill – Business Director Stationary & Portable Applications , Johnson Matthey
Swindon – A Hydrogen Hub’


Simon Bourne – Chief Technology Officer , ITM Power
Developing and Deploying On-Site Electrolysis – Experience and Lessons


Jose Luis Crespo – VP Global Sales , Plug Power
The Commercialisation of Fuel cells for Materials Handling


Fernando Palacin – Director , Aragon Hydrogen Foundation
World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC 2016)


Workshop 1


Hydrogen Infrastructure Production & Storage


Marc Stanton – Commercial Director – Clean Power Solutions
Small Ones are more Juicy; It’s not what you have , it’;s what you do with it


Hamish Nichol – Innovation Manager for Hydrogen , BOC
Hydrogen Refuelling Stations for commercial scale applications


Wouter Vanhoudt – Director, Hinicio
CertiHy: development of the first EU-wide framework for the generation of guarantees of origin (GoO) for green hydrogen


Dr Norbert Dischinger – Chief Financial Officer, Promeos GmbH
Think heat: Hydrogen to Heat – 60-100% H2, modular 1kW to xMW – The low carbon process heat solution


Workshop 2


Investment and IP


Dr Jagvir Purewal – Associate Technology & Engineering , Forresters
‘Intellectual Property – who needs it anyway ?’


John House Smallfry Design
‘Investing in Customer Centric Innovation’


Helen Fairclough – Horizon 2020 Energy EU Energy Focus
European funding opportunities for fuel cell and hydrogen projects’


Alex Mauser – Programmes Manager , EEN
The Enterprise Europe Network’


Diana Mihaela Rucinschi EASME
‘Horizon 2020 SME Instrument’


Workshop 3


Technical Innovation


Antonio Velazquez Abad UCL
‘Green Hydrogen Standards: Challenges and Opportunities’


Daniela Dommel Fraunhofer Umsicht
Production and Storage of Hydrogen from TCR in the Biobattery-Concept’


Marta Moreno Benito , UCL
‘Optimisation framework for the analysis of hydrogen infrastructure costs’


Qingbin Lui University of Birmingham
‘NewGen SOFC Project’


Afternoon Session 1




Jon Hunt – Manager Toyota & Lexus Fleet Marketing , Toyota(GB) plc
Toyota and the Hydrogen Society’


Hugo Spowers – Founding Director – Riversimple
‘A transition strategy for hydrogen; You can ‘t cross a chasm in two leaps’


Hamish Nichol – Innovation Manager for Hydrogen, BOC
Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) – A project overview


Ewan Swaffield- Low Carbon Vehicle Policy Manager, Transport Scotland
Hydrogen Adventures in the Scottish Policy Mix’


Afternoon Session 2


Large Scale Static Applications


Alan Young – Manager Green Development Group, Doosan Babcock
‘The role of stationary fuel cells in transitioning towards a decentralised clean energy future’


Denis Thomas – Business Development Manager Power to Gas, Hydrogenics
Latest Developments in Large Scale Stationary Hydrogen and Fuel cell Applications


Workshop 4


Transport Demonstration Projects


Andrew Win – City Development Programme Manager , Aberdeen City Council
‘Aberdeen Hydrogen Transport Application – H2Aberdeen’


John Jostins CEO , Microcab
‘EU SWARM project update from Microcab’


Mark Krammerer , Hydrogenics
Mobility and Transport Demonstrations of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrids – Enroute to Commercialisation’


Jill Newton , Adelan
‘SOFC APU’s for Vehicles’


Valerian Croitorescu – University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
‘Fuel Cell Modular Electric Vehicle’


Workshop 5


Small Scale Static & Portable Applications



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