Midlands Showcase Part 3 – #MHFCN

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Following two previous successful Midlands Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Network (MHFCN) events, the Midlands Showcases 3 will again bring together the regional Hydrogen and Fuel Cell community alongside those with a responsibility for energy, transport or sustainability in the public, private or third sector who want to understand how this technology fits into the future energy mix.
This event will also be of interest to those who want to be part of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell supply chain and for those in the public sector with a responsibility for policy.
The aim being to encourage adoption, synergies and partnering and showcase activity in the Midlands. Helping to ensure the Midlands becomes a leader in the Hydrogen economy and benefits from the investment  jobs and profile this exciting developing sector will bring.



John Jostins Founder Microcab
Marc Stanton Corporate Communications Director Clean Power Solutions
Kevin Kendall CEO Adelan
Claire Jackson Consultant Ecuity
Michaela Kendall Co-founder Adelan
David Terry Business Engagement Manager Energy Systems University of Birmingham

This event also forms the final session of the 'Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – Gearing up for Commercialisation' conference. Attendees at the Midlands Showcase will have the opportunity to join the exhibition and networking at the afternoon break and the after conference drinks reception.


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If you are interested in attending the main conference please see the separate events page on this website


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Event Details

Date: 13/3/2018

Start time: 15:30

End time: 18:30

Venue: Gallery Suite NEC Birmingham B40 1NT

Directions: From Birmingham International Train Station and Birmingham International Airport​ From the Airport take the free Sky-Rail service which runs between the Airport and Birmingham International Station. At the station follow signs to The NEC via the covered walkway. The escalator or lift at the end of this bridge link will take you down to the main ​ Piazza in The NEC. Walk straight ahead following signs to Halls 6-20, Atrium, Gallery and Concourse. Turn right at Hall 3a and take the escalator and moving walkway to the Atrium. At the end of the moving walkway, continue on the same level following the corridor round to the left to enter the Gallery. – the walk from the station takes about 10 minutes  ​ ​ ● By Road​ Follow signs for Gate 3 and North Car Parks . There are reserved parking places   in North 1 . You will be directed to the designated area for the event by the security staff. Walk to the Atrium Entrance 2 opposite Hall 8. Take the stairs or lift on your right one floor up to the Gallery Level.​

Phone: 07866552833


Registration , Exhibition and Networking
Presentations Kevin Kendall Adelan, John Jostins Microcab,Marc Stanton Clean Power Solutions, Clare Jackson Hydrogen Hub, Michaela Kendall Adelan, David Terry University of Birmingham
Drinks Reception

Speaker Name: Tim German - Chair

Job Title: Head of Stakeholder Management

Company Name: Energy Systems Catapult

Speaker Biography:

Tim is responsible for the management of stakeholder relations at the Energy Systems Catapult. He transferred from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) to help create the core team of the ESC in November 2015. He has been involved in the development of the Smart Systems and Heat programme since 2013 and has established relationships with local authorities, universities; Government and SMEs across the UK. Prior to joining the ETI Tim managed energy programmes in Cornwall. Whilst in Cornwall he developed his specialism in bringing the public and private sectors together to deliver an essential low carbon energy agenda. His work in Cornwall led to involvement in award-winning national and international projects. As well as his pioneering work in ‘energy relationship building’ Tim is a qualified primary school teacher and has been a professional opera singer, performing roles in opera houses across the UK and globally.

Speaker Name: John Jostins

Job Title: Founder

Company Name: Microcab

Speaker Biography:

John has a BA Fine Art and MA Design and Digital Media. His industrial experience includes working in motorsport and special effects in the film industry. From 1995 he became interested in sustainable design and was prompted (by the poor air quality in London where he was working) to start investigations into urban transport. Experience in motorsport gave him a good background in engineering lightweight structures and this, coupled with an interest in electric drive and hydrogen fuel cells allowed him to pursue the goal of designing useful urban mobility devices with zero emissions. Air quality remains problematic across the world, so the imperative is still there

Speaker Name: Marc Stanton

Job Title: Corporate Communications Director

Company Name: Clean Power Solutions (CPSL Group)

Presentation Title: Waste collection vehicles are some of the most polluting vehicles on the streets and much of the waste goes to landfill. CPSL have developed a new system that converts the waste into Hydrogen which is used as vehicle fuel for the waste collection trucks; thus creating the perfect cycle of recycling.

Speaker Biography:

Marc Stanton is one of the founding partners of Clean Power Solutions and has been instrumental in promoting renewable energy in the UK and around the world. He lectures around the world about renewable energy and In the UK he is promoting the total cycle of converting waste into Hydrogen which can be used as vehicle fuel for the trucks that collect the waste. His international research includes Domestic demand side response research and working with one of the leading battery companies in the world to develop a self-contained hydrogen battery range extender. It is intended that this new technology will be used to convert all airside vehicles in Chinese airports to use Hydrogen, range extended electric vehicles.

Speaker Name: Kevin Kendall

Job Title: CEO

Company Name: Adelan

Presentation Title: The presentation describes the commercialization process which is accelerating in Foshan and other Chinese cities. PEMFCs are the main priority because of vehicle emission reduction policies in Cities, but SOFC is playing a part because methane and propane/butane (LPG) are widely used in China.

Speaker Biography:

Dr Kendall started Adelan as a spin-out from University of Birmingham in order to commercialise micro-tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (mSOFCs). The product is a rapid -starting portable power/heat device which has numerous applications, especially in hybrid battery systems. He initiated the fuel cell group at University of Birmingham in 2000 when he was Professor in Chemical Engineering and it remains the foremost training center in the UK for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell students. He set up the first hydrogen station and 5-car hydrogen fleet on campus in 2008. Adelan is based in Birmingham and Foshan, Guangdong Province where commercialization of fuel cells is accelerating rapidly in these next few years.

Speaker Name: Clare Jackson

Job Title: Consultant

Company Name: Ecuity

Presentation Title: Engaging local stakeholders is key to the future of hydrogen in the UK. The Hydrogen Hub has been working with local stakeholders over the past 2 years to raise the profile of the technology and deploy technology in local Hubs

Speaker Biography:

Clare runs the Hydrogen Hub, an industry-led community of stakeholders from across the hydrogen and fuel cell supply chain, Government, local authorities, businesses and current and potential users. It establishes communities or “Hubs” of stakeholders who work together to drive investment in hydrogen and fuel cell technology on a local and national scale.

In addition, Clare is a consultant at Ecuity, an energy policy consultancy working with industry and government on the UK’s transition to a smart, low carbon, cost effective energy system.

Speaker Name: Michaela Kendall

Job Title: Co-founder

Company Name: Adelan

Speaker Name: David Terry

Job Title: Business Engagement Manager Energy Systems

Company Name: University of Birmingham