Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – Powering the Future #CCSHFC2019

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After the success of the 2018 conference, with a 25% increase in registrations we are moving to a larger venue (but still at the NEC, Birmingham).

The conference looks at all aspects of the commercialisation of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell sector with presentations from key stakeholders operating in this sector, policy makers and also users of the technology.
Transport will be a key subject of interest including buses, trucks, rail and shipping and of course private transport. The increasing interest in Hydrogen for Heat will be considered as will the vital issues of hydrogen production, infrastructure, storage and safety and large and small scale portable and stationary applications.


Companies who will be presenting at the conference

Alstom, Johnson Matthey, FuelCell Energy, TCP, Forresters, Fuel Cell Systems, EEN, Ceres Power
GenCell, Microcab, Ulemco, Arcola, Plug Power, Porterbrook, HES Energy Systems, Jacobs, Logan Energy
University of Warwick, Systeng Consulting, Nanosun, Liverpool City Region LEP, Intelligent Energy, Hydrogenics, Toyota GB, BEIS, University of Birmingham, Cadent Gas

We look forward to announcing further names shortly


Students who register for the conference are offered the opportunity to bring a poster on their research. Please use the contact details below to book your poster position.

We are also looking for key stakeholders in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell industry to support the event as sponsors which would include an automatic speaking position, see details of sponsorship packages below (ranging from £500 – £3,000 +vat)

Exhibition Opportunities

– choose your location now £700 (+ vat) – including 2 delegate passes

If you have any queries about being a Sponsor or Exhibitor or any other aspect of the conference please do not hesitate to contact

Jacqui Staunton


We are delighted to be working in partnership with the International Connected and Autonomous Vehicle network to bring the option this year of an additional day which will focus on the massively expanding and exciting sector of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. There is a huge potential opportunity for the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell industry to work with this sector especially as it can offer the additional power needed for these vehicles. There is the opportunity to buy 2 day delegate passes and exhibitor stands at reduced prices on the drop down menu below.

About ICAV

The International Connected Autonomous Vehicle (“ICAV”) cluster has been set up to support new and existing businesses enter the growing Connected Autonomous Vehicles (“CAV”) market. KPMG research indicates that the CAV market has the potential to add £51 billion per year to the UK economy by 2030, create 320,000 new jobs and prevent 25,000 accidents saving 2500 lives per year. Find the latest Market Forecast report by Transport Systems Catapult here. ICAV are based at iCentrum, part of Innovation Birmingham, the UK's third oldest science park and a base for the region's growing Tech community



Event Details

Date: March 19, 2019

Start time: 09:00

End time: 18:00

Venue: NEC Birmingham B40 1NT

Phone: 07866552833


Speaker Name: Mike Muldon

Job Title: Head of Business Development

Company Name: Alstom Transport Uk & Ireland

Speaker Name: Duncan Jewitt

Job Title: Commercial Analyst Fuel Cells

Company Name: Johnson Matthey

Speaker Name: Pere Margalef

Job Title: Director Advanced Technology Solutions

Company Name: FuelCell Energy

Presentation Title: Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells Overview

Presentation Synopsis: Recent advances in carbonate fuel cells allow the use of this technology for more exotic applications such as carbon capture and hydrogen generation. An overview of these new applications will be provided.

Speaker Biography:

Pere Margalef holds a MS in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of California, Irvine.
Since 2012, when he joined FuelCell Energy, he is playing a major role in advancing high temperature fuel cells technologies for distributed hydrogen generation, carbon capture and energy storage.
In 2016, Pere was relocated to Barcelona, Spain, to lead the business development efforts in the European Union

Speaker Name: Andrew Barker

Job Title: Managing Director

Company Name: TCP

Presentation Title: The challenges of bringing Fuel Cell Hydrogen powered equipment to market.

Speaker Biography:

Andrew Barker has many years of experience initiating the design and production of equipment that is looking at future markets and trends, with a weighted emphasis on sustainability and reduced energy footprint impact. Andrew has a real passion for seeing ideas come to true commercial viability, rather than just being showcase samples of best practice.

Speaker Name: Jagvir Purewal

Job Title: Senior Associate - Patent Attorney

Company Name: Forresters

Presentation Title: Managing IP in collaboration projects – how not to do it

Presentation Synopsis: This will address the often overlooked topic of IP in collaboration projects and how common pitfalls can be avoided. Jagvir will provide tools that can be used to manage the process in a way that is relatively simple and effective.

Speaker Biography:

Jagvir is a UK and European patent attorney who advises entrepreneurs, start-ups, research organisations, SMEs and multinational companies.
Jagvir read physics at university and completed a PhD in the subject at the University of Birmingham. Jagvir has maintained his relationship with the university regularly speaking there and holding the post of honorary lecturer.
He has extensive experience advising SMEs on obtaining cost effective patent protection, and managing IP in collaboration projects.

Speaker Name: Alex Mauser

Job Title: Operations and Development Director

Company Name: Enterprise Europe Network - Midlands

Speaker Biography:

Alex oversees Enterprise Europe Network operations in the East and West Midlands regions. He is based at Coventry University Enterprises Ltd and over the years his work has focused on providing internationalisation and innovation support services to SMEs across a number of key sectors. This includes information and advisory services on a range of topics including innovation funding at national and EU level, connecting SMEs to international partners and innovation coaching. His team offer access to IPO funded IP Audits as part of the Innovate 2 Succeed programme.

Speaker Name: Beth Dawson

Job Title: Major Projects Manager

Company Name: Fuel Cell Systems

Speaker Name: tbc

Company Name: Ceres Power

Speaker Name: Steve Orr

Job Title: Vice President - Sales and Marketing

Company Name: GenCell

Speaker Name: John Jostins

Job Title: Founder

Company Name: Microcab

Speaker Name: Amanda Lyne

Job Title: Managing Director

Company Name: ULEMCo

Speaker Name: Chris Murray

Job Title: UK Sales Director

Company Name: Plug Power

Speaker Name: Ben Todd

Job Title: Managing Director

Company Name: Arcola Energy

Speaker Name: Helen Simpson

Job Title: Innovation and Development Manager

Company Name: Porterbrook

Presentation Synopsis: Looking at the project with the University of Birmingham to convert trains to Hydrogen

Speaker Biography:

Helen Simpson is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who joined British Rail in 1992. She has worked for train operators, consultants and asset owners having led reliability growth projects, upgrades and modifications. In more recent years, Helen has had a focus on innovation projects, and in 2014 she joined Porterbrook as their Innovation and Development Manager. In this role, she describes her job as investigating new technology for existing trains and is responsible for leading new technology and supplier developments across Porterbrook's fleets. This has included leading the creation of a new tri-mode train for use on both electrified and non-electrified networks. One of her current projects involves the demonstration of fuel cell technology for powering trains.

Speaker Name: Bertrand Gauthier

Job Title: Sales & Operations Director

Company Name: HES Systems

Speaker Name: Kerry-Ann Adamson

Job Title: Principal Consultant

Company Name: Jacobs Consultancy

Speaker Name: Bill Ireland

Job Title: CEO

Company Name: Logan Energy

Presentation Title: Case Studies of Green Hydrogen in Islanded Networks.

Presentation Synopsis: Green Hydrogen production in constrained, curtailed and islanded networks is a viable method of decarbonizing transport.

Speaker Biography:

Bill Ireland has over 30 years’ experience in engineering with specialist knowledge in energy within the built environment, alternative technologies, sustainable design and technology innovation. As CEO since 2012, Bill has developed Logan Energy into a world leading provider of hydrogen-based solutions for energy storage and energy sector shifting, which is demonstrated at the Levenmouth Community Energy Project. Bill believes that proven hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, which deliver reduced CO2 and other pollutant emissions, will be integrated with existing power, heat and transport systems at a lower cost and at an increased security of supply.

Speaker Name: Enrique Tronscoso

Job Title: Director/Founder

Company Name: Systeng Consulting

Presentation Title: Hydrogen & Local Energy Systems – case study: BIG HIT project

Presentation Synopsis: BIG HIT is a world-leading demonstration project, which aims to deploy & demonstrate an “Integrated Local Energy System based on Hydrogen” in Orkney Islands, and put in place a integrated model of hydrogen production, storage, distribution and utilisation for local end-use applications

Speaker Biography:

Dr Enrique Troncoso is a senior engineering consultant and has worked in alternative fuels for the past 20 years, including 8 years with Boeing Research & Technology. His background includes technical project management, technology and product development and commercialization of low carbon technologies. Dr Troncoso has led several demonstration & deployment hydrogen programs over the past 20 years. He is actively involved on the development of hydrogen deployment initiatives across Europe and the UK, and is currently focusing on the implementation of hydrogen and biogas as clean flexible energy vectors in local energy systems. He is the technical coordinator of the FCH JU-funded BIG HIT project, and also works as a technical advisor to the European Commission on technology innovation and low carbon energy & transport programs

Speaker Name: Jennifer Wen

Job Title: Professor of Engineering

Company Name: University of Warwick

Presentation Title: Safety in the anticipated upscaling of hydrogen energy applications

Speaker Name: Joe Hobbs

Job Title: CTO

Company Name: NanoSUN

Presentation Title: Bridging the Gap

Presentation Synopsis: Explains how NanoSUN responds to the hydrogen needs of fuel cell customers. We will give an overview of our project work for portable applications

Speaker Biography:

Joe studied Engineering at Cambridge University, specializing in Fluid and Thermodynamics with interests in Energy and Environmental Engineering, before progressing on to research in the field of Gas Turbine Combustion.

Joe wrote PhD thesis on methods of reducing NOx in gas turbine combustion, studying the structure of candidate flames using a variety of experimental techniques. This allowed him to build an overall view of the key metrics of combustion in hot, oxygen diluted conditions and to provide experimental data for validating computer models.

After completing the PhD, Joe moved on to work in process safety consultancy, where he applied his academic knowledge to real world problems and branched out into CFD modelling and consultancy work.

Joe joined NanoSUN early in 2018 to contribute to solving pressing environmental problems.

Speaker Name: Mark Knowles

Job Title: Head of Low Carbon

Company Name: Liverpool City Region LEP

Speaker Name: David Fields

Job Title: Sales Manager

Company Name: Intelligent Energy

Speaker Name: Guy  Verkoeyen

Job Title: Area Sales Manager

Company Name: Hydrogenics Europe

Speaker Name: Jon Hunt

Job Title: Manager of Alternative Fuels

Company Name: Toyota GB

Speaker Name: Rita Wadley

Job Title: Deputy Director - Hydrogen Economy

Company Name: BEIS

Speaker Name: Ralph Clague

Job Title: Consultant

Speaker Name: Stuart Hillmansen

Job Title: Senior Lecturer

Company Name: University of Birmingham

Speaker Name: Andy Lewis

Job Title: Innovation Project Manager

Company Name: Cadent Gas


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