Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Showcase University of Birmingham #HFCSHOWCASE19

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After the great success of the event in 2018 we are delighted to be organising another Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Showcase in partnership with the University of Birmingham. The event will again showcase the opportunities these technologies offer as part of the future energy mix, powering our homes, workplaces and transport.
A range of key stakeholders will discuss some of the great developments delivering benefits today including the use of fuel cells to power drones and on construction sites, the OLEV Bus Project , the Swindon and Oxford Hydrogen Hubs and Educational Programme, the Centre for Doctoral Training on Sustainable Hydrogen ,the development of the adaptation of petrol and diesel engine vehicles to run on hydrogen , the next stages of development for the Microcab Vianova, the development of the Steel Cell™ product platform and a look at other portable and stationary applications



Chair David Terry ATETA University of Birmingham
09:15 – 10:30
Professor Robert Steinberger Wilckens Professor in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen research University of Birmingham
Paul Turner Engineering Director Revolve Technologies
Lee Juby Chief Sales Officer Intelligent Energy
Professor Gavin Walker Professor of Sustainable Energy University of Nottingham
Feimatta Conteh Head of Partnerships Arcola Energy
11:00 – 12:30
Subhasish Mukerjee Director of Fuel Cell & Stack Development Ceres Power
Clare Jackson Programme Manager Hydrogen Hub
Paddy Wiltshire Assistant Design Engineer Taylor Construction Plant Ltd
Henry Mills Sales Executive Fuel Cell Systems
Professor John Jostins Founder Microcab

Following the presentations there will be a light lunch followed by tours of the University’s Labs and FCEV’s ride experiences.




Many thanks to the University of Birmingham for hosting the event and to our main sponsor ATETA who are keen to assist businesses to improve profitability by solving problems with energy including:

  • Energy supply and use problems
  • Innovations in the energy market that need helping to market
  • Hydrogen production, storage and use
  • Working with Electrolysers, Fuel Cells and Flow Batteries and balance of plant in static and mobile applications

      Representatives from ATETA will be at the event to answer your questions and see how they can offer assistance, free of charge, to help your company.
      For those wanting to stay overnight you can find options of on campus accomodation here. Alternatively city centre hotels located near New Street would be convenient as there is a regular train service to the university.


Event Details

Date: July 18, 2019

Start time: 08:30 a.m.

End time: 14:00 p.m.

Venue: Chemical Engineering Dept University of Birmingham

Registration, Exhibiiton and Refreshments
09:15 - 10:30
Chair David Terry ATETA University of Birmingham Professor Robert Steinberger Wilckens Professor in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen research University of Birmingham Paul Turnerng Engineering Director Revolve Technologies Lee Juby Chief Sales Officer Intelligent Energy Professor Gavin Walker Professor of Sustainable Energy University of Nottingham Feimatta Conteh Head of Partnerships Arcola Energy
10:30 - 11:00
Exhibition and Refreshments
11:00 - 12:30
Subhasish Mukerjee Director of Fuel Cell Development Ceres Power Clare Jackson Program Manager Hydrogen Hub Paddy Wiltshire Assistant Design Engineer Taylor Construction Plant Ltd Henry Mills Sales Executive Fuel Cell Systems Professor John Jostins Founder Microcab
Light Lunch and Exhibition
Lab Tours and FCEV drive experiences

Speaker Name: Professor Robert Steinberger Wilckens

Job Title: Professor , Chair Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research

Company Name: University of Birmingham

Speaker Biography:

Robert Steinberger-Wilckens is Professor for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen research in Chemical Engineering. He is director of the research Fuel Cell and Hydrogen group and the Centre for Doctoral Training Fuel Cells and their Fuels, which is run by the universities of Birmingham, Nottingham, and Loughborough, Imperial College, and University College of London.
He works and has worked in many areas across the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency, fuel cells, hydrogen production and distribution, as well as electric vehicles.
Currently, his main areas of interest include Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, high temperature electrolysis (SOE) and reversible fuel cells (SOC) with methane synthesis, intermediate temperature polymer fuel cells, and market introduction of fuel cells and fuel cell vehicles.
He has a total of over 200 publications in journals, books, and conference proceedings and is a regular peer reviewer for a large number of journals, as well as international funding programmes and publishing houses. He is member of the strategic advisory bodies for EPSRC, the EU Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, and the European Fuel Cell Forum.
RSW coordinates the modules Conventional Energy and Renewable Energy and Energy Storage for 2nd Year students and the module Introduction to Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies for 4th Year and CDT students.

Speaker Name: Paul Turner

Job Title: Engineering Director

Company Name: Revolve Technologies

Speaker Biography:

Paul Turner is the Engineering Director for Revolve Technologies with developing low carbon and emissions compliant vehicles. Paul has 35 years’ experience in automotive R&D, leading the development of key systems in a variety of Hydrogen, EV and Hybrid applications, across automotive, marine, rail, military and low carbon power generation in stationary and mobile environments.

Speaker Name: Lee Juby

Job Title: Chief Sales Officer

Company Name: Intelligent Energy

Presentation Title: From inspection drone to construction site – how zero emission hydrogen fuel cells are delivering benefits today

Speaker Biography:

Dr Lee Juby is Chief Sales Officer and a member of the management team at Intelligent Energy.
Lee first joined Intelligent Energy in 2012 holding a variety of commercial roles. He has twenty years’ experience in the development and commercialization of advanced technology focused on the generation, conversion and delivery of electrical power, including a 5 year appointment at Rolls Royce and work as a consultant engineer for EA Technology.
In 2007 Lee took up the position of CEO of VPhase plc, a company newly listed on the London market. After raising significant funds in 2008 through the enlargement of the share capital, Lee delivered the complete product engineering and market introduction of a novel domestic energy saving technology.
Lee is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a Chartered Engineer with a doctorate from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

Speaker Name: Professor Gavin Walker

Job Title: Professor of Sustainable Energy

Company Name: University of Nottingham

Presentation Title: Centre for Doctoral Training on Sustainable Hydrogen

Speaker Biography:

Hydrogen systems in particular hydrogen storage technology, including the preparation and processing of novel materials, materials characterisation and the testing/validation of materials.
Nanostructured materials
Professor Gavin Walker is part of the Advanced Materials Research Group.

Speaker Name: Feimatta Conteh

Job Title: Head of Partnerships

Company Name: Arcola Energy

Presentation Title: Update on the OLEV bus project and new Arcola Energy facility in the Liverpool City Region

Speaker Biography:

Feimatta has a wealth of project and relationship management experience across a range of sectors including sustainability, smart cities and technology development. A graduate of Edinburgh University for many years she was responsible for the award-winning sustainability programme at Arcola Theatre, alongside the role of Technology Programme Manager for Arcola Energy. She works with Arcola’s Strategy Director to cultivate and maintain relationships and partnerships to establish new projects and rollouts of low-carbon transport and energy systems to cities, regions and other clients.

Speaker Name: Dr Subhasish Mukerjee

Job Title: Director of Fuel Cell Development

Company Name: Ceres Power

Presentation Title: Development of Steel Cell™ product platforms: Power for the Energy Transition

Speaker Biography:

Dr Subhasish Mukerjee is the Director of Fuel Cell Development at Ceres Power Limited. Subhasish (Shubi) has over 20 years of experience in fuel cells and energy technologies and has worked previously at BP and at Delphi Corporation. Based on his vast experience, he has an in-depth knowledge of the fuel cell technology and products, the industry and its key players globally. He gained his PhD in Chemistry at Yale University and postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University.

Speaker Name: Clare Jackson

Job Title: Program Manager

Company Name: Hydrogen Hub

Presentation Title: The Hydrogen Hubs in Swindon and Oxford

Speaker Biography:

Clare is a Senior Consultant at Ecuity, and energy policy consultancy that specialises in developing markets for sustainable energy technologies through policy engagement. Clare has extensive experience leading campaigns, delivering analysis and delivering policy change on behalf of the energy industry. Clare leads on Ecuity’s bid writing services and has a strong track record of accessing funding on behalf of clients. Clare has been working with the hydrogen and fuel cell industry for the past 4 years and leads on Ecuity’s hydrogen and fuel cell projects including the Hydrogen Hub.

Clare is an Oxford Engineering graduate and started her career as a Sustainability Consultant, working with supermarkets and retailers on the carbon footprint of their packaging and compliance with regulations. Subsequently she ran an EU programme on energy efficiency in business.

Speaker Name: Paddy Wiltshire

Job Title: Assistant Design Engineer

Company Name: Taylor Construction Plant Ltd.

Presentation Title: The Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Ecolite H2 lighting tower

Presentation Synopsis: The Ecolite-TH2 can be used in environmentally sensitive areas where all emissions are to be minimalised. The fuel cell produces energy by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the air to create electricity, water and minimal heat. There are no carbon or particulate emissions and as a result the process is virtually silent, which is important for work at night or in built up areas. This is the first time fuel cells have been integrated into a low energy, low voltage LED system and using only 150W of energy

Speaker Name: Henry Mills

Job Title: Sales Executive

Company Name: Fuel Cell Systems

Presentation Title: Real-world installations, large and small

Speaker Name: Professor John Jostins

Job Title: Founder

Company Name: Microcab

Presentation Title: The next steps for the commercialisation of the Microcab Vianova

Speaker Biography:

I have been researching into alternative, zero emissions transport and new mobility since 1996, focusing on designs for vehicles for urban scenarios where congestion and air quality tend to be worst. In that time I have founded a new enterprise called Microcab Industries Ltd. (an SME) as an umbrella under which designs can be realised, funding can be applied for and Public Relations and other outputs can be delivered. Concentrating on hydrogen fuel cell electric drivetrains married to lean weight vehicle structures, 3 complete vehicle designs and a total of 14 operational vehicles have been built and demonstrated in trials.

I have a BA Fine Art and MA Design and Digital Media. My industrial experience includes working in motorsport and special effects in the film industry. From 1995 I became interested in sustainable design and was prompted (by the poor air quality in London where I was working) to start investigations into urban transport. Experience in motorsport gave me a good background in engineering lightweight structures and this, coupled with an interest in electric drive and hydrogen fuel cells allowed me to pursue the goal of designing useful urban mobility devices with zero emissions. Air quality remains problematic across the world, so the imperative is still there. Key successes:
DTi SMART award for first fuel cell design 2001
DTi R&D Grant for a second new design 2004
HFCCAT funding (2007) for hydrogen station and 5 Microcabs trialled on University of Birmingham campus.
Niche Vehicle Network grant for the design of H2EV vehicle in 2009,
Joining UK government’s CABLED trials 2011, only fuel cell vehicle therein.
Nominated for Conde Nast Innovation in Transport Award 2012
Joining the EU SWARM hydrogen fuel cell vehicle program, UK, Belgium, Germany 2013
Signing MoU with South Africa for joint fuel cell vehicle development 201