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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells – Gearing up for Commercialisation #CCSHFC2018

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Don't miss the UK's leading Industry facing Hydrogen and Fuel Cell conference

We will again be looking at all aspects of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell sectors including transport- public, private and commercial, small and large scale stationary and portable applications, hydrogen production, infrastructure, storage and use in grid balancing. There will also be a workshop looking at Funding, IP and Investment.

This event is suitable not only for those in the existing Hydrogen and Fuel sector but also for those with a responsibility for energy, transport or sustainability in the public, private or third sector. It is also an opportunity for those companies who wish to be part of the supply chain or for those responsible for associated policy to understand how this technology fits into the future energy mix.

Over 40 Key UK and International Speakers

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If you want to find out more details about sponsorship/exhibiting please do not hesitate to get in touch
Jacqui Staunton

The Enterprise Europe Network invites you to participate in an international brokerage event which will run alongside the conference. As in previous years the match event offers you an exclusive opportunity to meet with strategic partners, as well as potential customers and suppliers.
The programme offers FREE Registration for the 13th March for international delegates and Midlands (UK) based clients who register and participate in the match event (currently £275) and FREE one night hotel accommodation for international delegates travelling to the UK from overseas.

We are also delighted to announce the collaboration between the University of Birmingham and Climate Change Solutions to run both the UK's leading Industry and Technical Hydrogen and Fuel Cell conferences back to back in 2018, on the 13th and 14th March. The University of Birmingham will manage the Technical Conference on the 14th March and Climate Change Solutions will manage the event on the 13th. Both events will be held in the Gallery Suite at the NEC.

Delegates and exhibitors attending both events will be offered a special registration rate (see below) in addition to a free ticket to the conference Gala Dinner on the evening of the 13th March.
The Gala Dinner can be booked independently [£50) without having to attend the 2nd day – see option on drop down menu.

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Event Details

Date: 13/3/2018

Start time: 09:00

End time: 18:00

Venue: Gallery Suite NEC Birmingham B40 1NT

Directions: From Birmingham International Train Station and Birmingham International Airport​ From the Airport take the free Sky-Rail service which runs between the Airport and Birmingham International Station. At the station follow signs to The NEC via the covered walkway. The escalator or lift at the end of this bridge link will take you down to the main ​ Piazza in The NEC. Walk straight ahead following signs to Halls 6-20, Atrium, Gallery and Concourse. Turn right at Hall 3a and take the escalator and moving walkway to the Atrium. At the end of the moving walkway, continue on the same level following the corridor round to the left to enter the Gallery. – the walk from the station takes about 10 minutes  ​ ​ ● By Road​ Follow signs for Gate 3 and North Car Parks . There are reserved parking places   in North 1 . You will be directed to the designated area for the event by the security staff. Walk to the Atrium Entrance 2 opposite Hall 8. Take the stairs or lift on your right one floor up to the Gallery Level.​

Phone: 07866552833

Email: jacqui.staunton@climate-change-solutions.co.uk

Monday 12th March
17:30 - 19:30 Pre Conference Drinks Reception Gallery Suite NEC
Tuesday 13th March
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - Gearing up for Commercialisation
08:15 - 09:00
Registration and Refreshments
09:00 - 10:45
Keynote Presentations
Chair Kevin Fothergill Chairman Hydrogen Hub
Dr Henry Liu Foshan University/Guangdong SinoSynergy Hydrogen Power Technologies Co. Ltd/Foshan (Yunfu) Research Institute for Hydrogen Energy & New Material Development, Graham Cooley ITM Power, Luke Tan Johnson Matthey, Andy Marsh Plug Power, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis Hydrogen Europe
10.45 - 11.15
Refreshments , Networking and Exhibition
11:15 - 13:00
Parallel Morning Workshops
Workshop 1 - Transport - Commercial
Chair Celia Greaves UKHFCA
Yane Laperche Riteau Ballard Power, Andrew Mckenzie Commercial Group, David Yorke Tower Transit, Ben Madden Element Energy , David Wenger Wenger Engineering,
Workshop 2 - Investment, IP and Public Sector Funding
Chair Clare Jackson Hydrogen Hub
Workshop Sponosr - Marks and Clerk, Giles Pinnington Marks & Clerk , Rebecca Lovell Marks & Clerk, Marc Elliott Investec, Alex Mauser Enterprise Europe Network, Kerry Ann Adamson 4th Energy Wave, Helen Fairclough EU Energy Focus, Harsh Pershad Innovate UK
Workshop 3 - Hydrogen Production, Storage and Infrastructure
Chair Enrique Troncoso Systeng Consulting
Bill Ireland Logan Energy, Guy Verkoeyen Hydrogenics, Cornelius von der Heydt Hydrogenious, Andrea Puccini ErreDue SPA, Mark Neller Arup
13:00 - 14:00
Lunch, Networking and Exhibition
14:00 - 15:45
Parallel Afternoon Workshops
Workshop 4 - Transport & Infrastructure
Chair Ben Madden Element Energy
Jonny Goldstone Green Tomato Cars, Jon Hunt Toyota, Ralph Clague Great Wall Motor Company, Ben Todd Arcola Energy, Fergal Harrington Beatty HSSMI
Workshop 5 - Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain
Chair Harsh Pershad Innovate UK
Michael Burford Kiwa Gas Tech, Nick Van Dijk PV3 Technologies , Desi Bacheva Hieta , Chris Rowland Pancom, Mark Lidgett Haydale Composite Solutions, Vincenzo Ortisi Pure Energy Centre
Workshop 6 Large and Small Scale Portable and Stationary Applications
Chair Kerry Ann Adamson CEO 4th Energy Wave
David Bow Nel Hydrogen, Chris Dudfield Intelligent Energy, Christian Engelke Viessman, Eddie Broadley Carillion Construction, Chris Evans Ceres Power, Steve Griffiths SOLID Power
16:00 -18:00
Drinks Reception
16:00 - 17:30
Midlands Showcase - Midlands Hydrogen Fuel Cell Network (MHFCN)
Chair Tim German Energy Systems Catapult
John Jostins Microcab, Marc Stanton Clean Power Solutions ( CPSL Group), Kevin Kendall Adelan , Clare Jackson Hydrogen Hub, Michaela Kendall Adelan , David Terry University of Birmingham
11:00 - 17:00
Enterprise Europe Network International Brokerage Event
18.30 - 21.30
University of Birmingham Technical Conference Gala Dinner - in the Gallery Suite optional - additional cost
Wednesday 14th March
University of Birmingham Technical Conference - to attend book 2 day option

Speaker Name: Kevin Fothergill - Chair of Keynote Session

Job Title: Chairman

Company Name: Hydrogen Hub

Speaker Biography:

An experienced innovator with 32 years in technical and commercial roles, Kevin has strong track record in business development and is widely acknowledged as an enthusiastic champion for the deployment of new, low carbon energy technologies. He has a BSc in Chemistry from Newcastle University and an MBA from Durham University. As an Associate Consultant for Ecuity LLP, Kevin provides expertise in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and their application. He has been a pioneer in this industry for the last 12 years in his former role as Commercial Director at Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells. Kevin is Chairman of the Hydrogen Hub, an organisation devoted to establishing the UK as a global leader in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The Hub brings together industry, businesses, stakeholders and local authorities to develop and implement hydrogen technologies for energy and transportation at a local and national level

Speaker Name: Prof Henry Liu - Keynote Session

Job Title: Director of R&D Center/Professor/Vice Dean

Company Name: Guangdong SinoSynergy Hydrogen Power Technologies Co. Ltd/Foshan University/Foshan (Yunfu) Research Institute for Hydrogen Energy & New Material Development

Presentation Title: Recent development of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fuelling stations in China

Speaker Biography:

China has been promoting electrical vehicles for several years and achieved rapid progress. With the cut of subsidy on battery powered EVs, more and more emphasis is on fuel cell vehicles because of the advantages of high range and rapid refilling. In 2016-17, fuel cell and hydrogen energy developed very fast in Foshan with PEMFC production line operating in Yunfu, new bus factory established, fuel cell bus line running daily, 3 hydrogen fuelling stations completed, thousands of FCVs deployed. China is planning rapid commercialisation in several other cities through 2020-30. This presentation will introduce progress of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen stations in China and outline the opportunities for international cooperation.

Speaker Name: Graham Cooley - Keynote Session

Job Title: CEO

Company Name: ITM Power

Presentation Title: Hydrogen at Industrial Scale

Speaker Biography:

Graham joined ITM Power as CEO in 2009. Before that Graham was Business Development Manager in National Power plc and spent 11 years in the power industry developing energy storage and generation technologies.
Before joining ITM Power Graham was CEO of Sensortec Ltd, founding CEO of Metalysis Ltd, a spin out of Cambridge University and founding CEO of Antenova Ltd

Speaker Name: Luke Tan - Keynote Session

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Company Name: Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells

Presentation Title: MEA of the Future – Meeting Market Challenges.

Speaker Biography:

Luke works as Business Development Manager at Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells. JMFC offers optimised solutions through provision of membrane electrode assemblies and other fuel cell components to stack manufacturers. Luke works closely with customers during product definition and throughout the lifetime of the product, with a particular focus on the Asia Pacific region.

Speaker Name: Andy Marsh

Job Title: CEO

Company Name: Plug Power

Presentation Title: Plug Power has proven - fuel cells add value to customers. Currently, Plug Power has deployed more than 20,000 fuel cell powered electric lift trucks and built more than 60 hydrogen stations in North America, Europe and Asia. These hydrogen stations have supported more than 10 million fuelings, consisting of 6.5 million kilograms of hydrogen dispensed to date. The majority of the company’s hydrogen fueling stations are deployed within the material handling industry customers such as Walmart, Amazon, Carrefour, and Home Depot. Most specifically on the road to electrification, Marsh has made it clear – rarely is there one solution for one that fits all. In some cases, battery technologies have a solid place in the electric vehicle (EV) present and future. For short commutes and in-town driving, where high efficiency is most important, batteries may suit this need 70-75% of the time. On the other hand, if energy density and range is important to the user, fuel cells make a great deal of sense as the electric vehicle (EV) power. Fuel cell density is 10 to 15 times higher than li-ion batteries. And, if one starts looking at a world where EVs require high asset utilization – vehicles like autonomous EVs, buses, and delivery vans, fuel cells deliver a very promising power-alternative. Plug Power is leading the development of fuel cell engines for these applications – a solution we call ProGen – which promise high penetration rates leading to 2050. Plug Power fuel cell solutions are driving into new electric vehicle markets, including ground support equipment and electric delivery vans. As the global leader in the development and deployment of hydrogen fuel cell technology and hydrogen fueling stations, the expansion to mobility applications beyond the warehouse is a major part of the company’s growth strategy.

Speaker Biography:

Andy Marsh joined Plug Power as President, CEO in April 2008. Under his leadership, Plug Power has led innovation, bringing the hydrogen fuel cell market from concept to commercialization. Early on, Marsh identified material handling as the first commercially viable market targeted by Plug Power. Today, the firm’s fuel cell solutions are leveraged by world leaders such as Amazon, Walmart, and Carrefour to power industrial electric vehicles. Mr. Marsh continues to spearhead hydrogen fuel cell innovations, and his ability to drive revenue growth of 296 percent has landed Plug Power on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500TM list in 2015 and 2016.

Mr. Marsh represents Plug Power in their role as supporting members of the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative of leading energy, transport and industry companies with a united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen to foster the energy transition. He holds an MSEE from Duke University and MBA from SMU

Speaker Name: Jorgo Chatzimarkakis - Keynote Session

Job Title: Secretary General

Company Name: Hydrogen Europe

Presentation Title: Gearing up for commercialisation - What can Europe do?

Speaker Biography:

Following diverse political positions in Germany, Mr Jorgo Chatzimarkakis was a Member of the European Parliament from 2004 to 2014 (ITRE, ECON, CONT). He was then appointed Ambassador-at-Large for the Greek government during the financial crisis. In 2016, he became Secretary General of Hydrogen Europe.
Mr Chatzimarkakis was born in Duisburg, Germany. He holds German and Greek nationality, a degree in political science from the University of Bonn

Speaker Name: Celia Greaves Chair of Workshop 1 Transport - Public and Commercial

Job Title: Executive Officer

Company Name: UK HFCA

Speaker Biography:

Celia has extensive and networks in hydrogen and fuel cells, and across the wider energy sector, developed over 15 years. She manages the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, having lead its conception and establishment over 10 years ago. Celia also launched the UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network for hydrogen and fuel cells, and delivered through this a wide range of activities to support hydrogen and fuel cell development and deployment in the UK for over 8 years. She has worked extensively to support strategic thinking on new energy across a range of blue-chip companies and leading public sector bodies through the Synnogy New Energy Forum

Speaker Name: Yane Laperche Riteau - Workshop 1 Transport Public and Commercial

Job Title: Business Development Director

Company Name: Ballard Power Systems

Presentation Title: Fuel cell and hydrogen; a compelling value proposition for zero emission heavy duty transportation

Speaker Biography:

Yane Laperche Riteau - has more than 20 years of diversified European sales & marketing experience. Throughout her career, she has been responsible for identifying promising markets, increasing sales and implementing communications and advertising campaigns.

She joined Ballard Power Systems Inc. in October 2013 as Business Development Director, she has been in the Fuel Cells industry since 2008 working for IdaTech LLC and developing sales mainly in Europe.

Before IdaTech she had various sales management experiences in the CCTV industry, high technology plastics and cables industries. She holds a degree in Communications.

Speaker Name: Andrew McKenzie - Workshop 1 Transport Public and Commercial

Job Title: Senior Sustainability Executive

Company Name: Commercial

Presentation Title: Commercial operates the UK’s largest private fleet of hydrogen fueled vehicles. Commercial will offer an operator’s perspective on justifying adopting hydrogen as a road fuel, the operating realities that fleets need to consider, and views on longer-term viability of hydrogen as a road fuel

Speaker Biography:

Andrew is responsible for enabling Commercial to continue to be one of the UK’s leading sustainable businesses. He joined the business in 2013 to deliver Commercial’s ambitious plans to deploy low-carbon transport solutions.

Commercial currently operates the UK’s largest privately operated fleet of hydrogen fueled vehicles. It is also a Go Ultra Low Company, deploying plug-in vehicles (both passenger and commercial) across the fleet. Over a third of the commercial vehicles on fleet are equipped to use alternative fuels and drive trains.

Andrew is also responsible for addressing broader sustainability challenges including contribution and adaption to climate change, and resource use and disposal, as well as ethical trade matters across Commercial’s globalized supply chain.

Speaker Name: David Yorke - Workshop 1 Transport Public and Commercial

Job Title: New Technology, Training and Project Manager

Company Name: Tower Transit Operations

Presentation Title: Fuel Cell buses in Daily Operation. Having operated hydrogen fuel cell buses since 2011, David Yorke will explore the practical everyday reality of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The presentation will look at the current set up of the fuel cell project and some of the issues that are being faced as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles move towards commercialisation.

Speaker Biography:

A Chartered Engineer and qualified to Master Degree level in both Hydrogen Safety Engineering and Electronics, David Yorke has worked on zero and low emission buses for the last eight years.

David is overseeing all aspects of the London hydrogen fuel cell project. This involves the manufacture of buses, set up of facilities and the daily operation of the buses working in close collaboration with Transport for London (TfL) and other stakeholders in the venture.

Along with being on leading authority on hydrogen fuel cell buses, David is a specialist in the technology and operation of other zero and low emission buses.

Prior to his current employment at Tower Transit, David has worked in industry on new product introduction and quality. He has extensive experience of low production, high technology, manufacturing.

Speaker Name: David Wenger - Workshop 1 Transport

Job Title: CEO

Company Name: Wenger Engineering

Presentation Title: Fuel Cell Vehicle vs. Tesla Model S – User Experience David Wenger has worked on the development of both battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles for more than a decade. He believes that both technologies will be necessary in the future. Furthermore, David was a customer and driver of a fuel cell vehicle for 1.5 years. Now, he has been a Tesla Model S 90D driver for more than one year and uses it in his daily business. In this presentation, he will talk about his experience as a developer AND customer of both technologies and show where the “To Dos” are.

Speaker Biography:

David Wenger is an entrepreneur and engineer and helps companies all over the world to push their products and services to a completely new level. His creativity and his capability to think out of the box helped him to make Wenger Engineering GmbH an important partner of companies such as Daimler, Bosch, Toyota, Honda, NEC and Start Ups in Silicon Valley. His focus is on renewable energy, electric mobility and hydrogen technology. He has been working in hydrogen storage since 2004 and hydrogen infrastructure and refueling station development since 2008. The most famous project was SAE J2601, where Wenger Engineering contributed all simulations. He holds a M.Sc. degree from ETH Zurich and a Ph.D. in Thermodynamics from TU Munich.

Speaker Name: Ben Madden - Workshop 1 Transport Public and Commercial

Job Title: Director

Company Name: Element Energy

Presentation Title: Developments in hydrogen mobility over the past year

Speaker Name: Clare Jackson Chair of Workshop 2 Invesment , IP and Public Sector Funding

Job Title: Consultant

Company Name: Hydrogen Hub

Speaker Biography:

Clare runs the Hydrogen Hub, an industry-led community of stakeholders from across the hydrogen and fuel cell supply chain, Government, local authorities, businesses and current and potential users. It establishes communities or “Hubs” of stakeholders who work together to drive investment in hydrogen and fuel cell technology on a local and national scale.

In addition, Clare is a consultant at Ecuity, an energy policy consultancy working with industry and government on the UK’s transition to a smart, low carbon, cost effective energy system.

Speaker Name: Giles Pinnington Workshop 2 Investment, IP and Public Sector Funding

Job Title: Patent Attorney, Marks & Clerk, Manchester Office

Company Name: Marks and Clerk Workshop Sponsor

Presentation Title: How patents can help your business

Speaker Biography:

Giles is a Chartered UK Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney. Giles has experience of working with clients in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering, and particularly enjoys working at the interface of chemistry and engineering. He works with clients of all sizes from start-ups to SMEs to large multinationals. His practice includes the drafting and prosecution of patent applications around the world as well as advising in relation to validity and infringement matters.

Speaker Name: Rebecca Lovell ,

Job Title: Trainee Patent Attorney

Company Name: Marks & Clerk, Birmingham Office

Presentation Title: How patents can help your business

Speaker Biography:

Rebecca is a part-qualified patent attorney at Marks & Clerk. Her current practice covers a wide range of chemical and mechanical inventions, from batteries and solid oxide fuel cells to vehicle tires and medical devices. Rebecca works closely with universities and local SMEs based in the Midlands, as well as international corporations. Prior to joining the intellectual property profession, Rebecca completed a PhD aimed at developing new polymer membranes for PEM hydrogen fuel cells and previously worked in analytical chemistry

Speaker Name: Alex Mauser Workshop 2 Investment, IP and Public Sector Funding

Job Title: Operations and Development Director

Company Name: Enterprise Europe Network

Presentation Title: Access to partnerships and funding

Speaker Biography:

Alex oversees Enterprise Europe Network operations in the East and West Midlands regions. He is based at Coventry University Enterprises Ltd and over the years his work has focused on providing internationalisation and innovation support services to SMEs across a number of key sectors. This includes information and advisory services on a range of topics including innovation funding at national and EU level, connecting SMEs to international partners and innovation coaching. His team offer access to IPO funded IP Audits as part of the Innovate 2 Succeed programme.

Speaker Name: Marc Elliott - Workshop 2 Investment, IP and Public Sector Funding

Job Title: Senior Analyst

Company Name: Investec Bank

Speaker Biography:

MEng Chemical Engineering with over 10 years of experience in finance having previously worked in Industry starting his career at Johnson Matthey. Current research mandate encompasses a broad range of energy technology, utility, and industrials stocks with exposure to developments resulting from the energy transition that is currently underway.

Speaker Name: Dr Kerry Ann Adamson - Workshop 2 Investment, IP and Public Sector Funding

Job Title: CEO

Company Name: 4th Energy Wave

Presentation Title: Fuel Cells, Hydrogen and Blockchain - Unlocking the Potential for Future Development of the Hydrogen Market From crypto felines to renewable energy to health care, industry and government around the world is now looking at the potential for blockchain, and associated crypto currencies, to transform the peer-to-peer market. When the move towards decentralisation of power and the growth in many regions of community assets is also modelled in, this combination of trend and technology could create a very powerful change agent. This presentation, which builds on data from the proprietary 4th Energy Wave scenario H2Degrees, outlines a potential green hydrogen certificate trading scheme built on the blockchain platform. Built to enable a transition away from fossil fuel production of hydrogen, and decreasing costs of green hydrogen, the scenario outlines a market centric approach to the global transformation of the hydrogen market.

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Kerry-Ann Adamson has been in the fuel cell and hydrogen sector for nearly 20 years. As well as a PHD in fuel cells as a disruptive technology she was awarded a Marie Curies fellowship to carry on her research, she then ran Fuel Cell Today for 6 years before taking the leadership in the Clean Energy team at Navigant Research. She now runs her own company 4th Energy Wave. 2017 saw the production of the 10 anniversary edition of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Annual Review, a report she started when she ran Fuel Cell Today, from which this presentation is taken.

Speaker Name: Helen Fairclough - Workshop 2 Investment, IP and Public Sector Funding

Job Title: Uk National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 Energy

Company Name: EU Energy Focus

Presentation Title: European funding opportunities for fuel cell and hydrogen projects.

Speaker Biography:

Helen Fairclough has been a member of the EU Energy Focus team for 17 years. The EU Energy Focus team is the UK National Contact Point for the European Commission’s research, development and demonstration funding programmes for energy projects. The service is funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and is provided free of charge to users. The team aims to ensure that UK companies, research institutions and other organisations are well informed and have every chance of success in applying for and securing European funding for energy-related projects.

Speaker Name: Harsh Pershad - Workshop 2 Investment, IP and Public Sector Funding

Job Title: Senior Innovation Lead - Energy Supply

Company Name: Innovate UK

Presentation Title: Winning R & D Support

Speaker Name: Enrique Troncoso - Chair Workshop 3 Hydrogen Production , Storage & Infrastructure

Job Title: CEO/Founder

Company Name: Systeng Consulting

Speaker Name: Guy Verkoeyen - Workshop 3 Hydrogen Production , Storage & Infrastructure

Job Title: Area Sales Manager

Company Name: Hydrogenics

Presentation Title: Electrolysis: the race to 100+ MW projects

Speaker Biography:

Guy Verkoeyen is an engineer in Electronics who moved after a short stay in the HighTech visualization business (BARCO) and a longer stay in the Graphics business (AGFA) to the CleanTech business with Hydrogenics in 2012.
He is responsible for Sales for Hydrogenics On-Site Hydrogen Production Systems in the EMEA market and Large Accounts

Speaker Name: Bill Ireland - Workshop 3 Hydrogen Production , Storage & Infrastructure

Job Title: Managing Director

Company Name: Logan Energy

Presentation Title: Logan Energy is constructing a Hydrogen Refuelling Station for two ULEMCo diesel/hydrogen hybrid refuse trucks operated by Veolia for Westminster City Council. We have also been involved in the HRS supplying a small fleet of vehicles with the hydrogen produced at the Levenmouth Community Energy Project in Fife, including hydrogen fuel cell range extended Renault Kangoos. This talk will cover the issues that we have encountered while designing and placing the hydrogen refuelling stations, including ensuring a constant hydrogen supply and storage, the capacity of the HRS, and the placement of the HRS in an urban area. It will also cover the benefits of hydrogen as a transport solution - which isn’t a black and white, battery vs hydrogen issue anymore – and why people should consider green hydrogen as a renewable, “well-to-wheel” zero-emission solution

Speaker Biography:

Bill Ireland has over 30 years’ experience in engineering with specialist knowledge in energy within the built environment, alternative technologies, sustainable design and innovation in technology.
As Operations Director in 2008 then MD and CEO since 2012, Bill has made Logan Energy the provider of over 98% of the UKs installed capacity of fuel cell distributed generation and developed the business into a world leading provider of hydrogen based solutions for energy storage and energy sector shifting which is demonstrated at the Levenmouth Community Energy Project.
Bill believes that proven hydrogen and fuel cell technologies integrated with existing energy and transport systems will play an increasing role in our future energy solutions, providing lower cost, security of supply, and alternative transport fuels delivering reduction in carbon dioxide and other pollutant emissions.

Speaker Name: Cornelius von der Heydt - Workshop 3 Hydrogen Production , Storage & Infrastructure

Job Title: Chief Commercial Officer

Company Name: Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH

Presentation Title: Infrastructure for large scale HRS – solving the challenge of transport and storage

Speaker Biography:

Mr. von der Heydt joined Hydrogenious in April 2015 as Head of Business Development & Sales. Prior to working for Hydrogenious, he was co-founder of a biomethane company and worked for The Boston Consulting Group.
Mr. von der Heydt studied Economics at the LMU Munich and the University of Constance. He holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Kassel

Speaker Name: Andrea Puccini Workshop 3 Hydrogen Production , Storage & Infrastructure

Job Title: Commercial Manager

Company Name: Erredue SPA

Presentation Title: New Hydrogen Generator stack 100kW- 30 bar – Atex certified – with safety & reliability as key priority

Speaker Biography:

1987-2000 – Worked as a project manager in Hydrogen generators for welding application and metal heat treatment

2000-2004 Formation of ERREDUE working as a project manager for Hydrogen Generators

2004-2018 Commercial Manager for ERREDUE SPA

Speaker Name: Mark Neller - Workshop 3 Hydrogen Production , Storage & Infrastructure

Job Title: Associate Director

Company Name: Arup

Presentation Title: Hy4Heat: Hydrogen as an alternative to methane for use in heating

Speaker Biography:

Mark Neller is Mechanical Engineer and a Project and Programme Manager with over twenty years’ experience on a range of construction and business change programmes within the energy sector. He spent the first ten years of his career working in gas industry, both upstream and downstream of the meter. Since joining Arup, he has successfully managed the delivery of complex projects with a high public profile. Mark is now the Project Director for the Arup+ team who are the Project Management Consultants for the BEIS Hy4Heat programme.

Speaker Name: Ben Madden Chair of Workshop 4 Transport & Infrastructure

Job Title: Director

Company Name: Element Energy

Speaker Name: Jon Hunt Workshop 4 Transport & Infrastructure

Job Title: Marketing Manager Toyota and Lexus Fleet Services Commercialisaton of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Company Name: Toyota (GB) plc

Speaker Name: Ralph Clague - Workshop 4 Transport & Infrastructure

Job Title: Director of R & D

Company Name: Great Wall Motor Company

Speaker Name: Ben Todd Workshop 4 Transport & Infrastructure

Job Title: Managing Director

Company Name: Arcola Energy

Presentation Title: Arcola Energy’s experience in deployment and development of Fuel cell Electric Commercial Vehicles: past, present and future

Speaker Biography:

Ben is Founder and Managing Director of Arcola Energy, founded with the aim of bridging the gap between new technologies being developed and then being used in the real world. Arcola is now a rapidly growing engineering business, leading in the UK in the deployment and development of fuel cell electric commercial vehicles, and involved in a number of fuel cell product development and installation projects. Ben has an Engineering PhD from Cambridge, working on the Rolls Royce solid oxide fuel cell and a deep knowledge of the fuel cell industry and technology having worked in the sector for 2 decades.

Speaker Name: Fergal Harrington Beatty - Workshop 4 Transport

Job Title: Technical Lead – Manufacturing New Technologies

Company Name: HSSMI

Presentation Title: PCB Based Fuel Cells as EV Range Extenders

Speaker Biography:

Fergal is a Technical Lead in the Manufacturing New Technologies team at HSSMI, where he started in 2017. He undertook a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Warwick completing an Ecological Design Project, and has since gone on to work in the Aerospace (BAE Systems), Electric Vehicle (Potenza Technology) and Building Services (GBE Services London) Engineering sectors.

It is his two years’ experience at Potenza leading the production of various Niche Vehicle Network and Formula-E projects that he is employing to successfully manage the HFC R&D project currently undertaken at HSSMI.

Speaker Name: Jonny Goldstone - Workshop 4 Transport & Infrastructure

Job Title: Managing Director

Company Name: Green Tomato Cars

Presentation Title: Hello Hydrogen - Preparing for Launch

Speaker Biography:

Jonny Goldstone is the MD of Green Tomato Cars (GTC), London's first environmentally-friendly minicab service. He took over the role in October 2017, returning to the business four years after leaving to set up GTC in the USA.
Jonny co-founded GTC in 2006 with the aim of demonstrating that ‘green’ businesses could provide mainstream services, without compromising on price or quality. As MD, he oversaw significant growth before selling the company in 2010 to Transdev, an international transport group with operations in 21 countries. After the sale, Jonny continued in his role, managing 100% growth in two years.
Jonny has won multiple personal and business accolades and awards, participated on judging and speaking panels, as well as TV and radio interviews and has contributed to industry publications.
Jonny is 41 years young and lives in North London with his wife and 3 children

Speaker Name: Harsh Pershad Chair of Workshop 5 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain

Job Title: Senior Innovation Lead - Energy Supply

Company Name: Innovate UK

Speaker Name: Michael Burford Workshop 5 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Company Name: Kiwa Gas Tech

Presentation Title: Hydrogen Infrastructure Developments

Speaker Biography:

A commercially-minded chemical engineer with an automotive background and an interest in clean energy and air pollution, I am the Business Development Manager for Kiwa Gastec.
Responsible for driving the growth of Kiwa's testing, inspection, certification and consultancy services for oil, gas, solid fuel, renewable energy and hydrogen technologies, these services appeal to a wide market place. Clients range from heating and cooking appliance manufacturers to automotive component developers. This commercial role puts my engineering expertise to good use, while also drawing on my automotive experience and my natural interest in clean energy.
My interest in air pollution began when I was a visiting scholar at New York’s Cornell University, developing biomass cookstoves to reduce indoor air pollution in developing countries. Applying my expertise to automotive, I spent several years working for Jaguar Land Rover, initially researching exhaust gas aftertreatment technologies to address forthcoming emissions legislation in the Powertrain Research and Technology department. Moving on to a commercial role, I was then charged with facilitating innovation workshops to identify 'best value' solutions through value analysis and competitor benchmarking. With a primary focus on lightweighting and CO2 emissions reduction, my personal interests turned to hydrogen as a total solution and led to my move to Kiwa.

Speaker Name: Nick Van Dijk Workshop 5 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain

Job Title: Chief Operating Officer

Company Name: PV3 Technologies

Presentation Title: This presentation will review PV3 Technologies’ established products and our new development of new materials in hydrogen technologies such as: water electrolysers, fuel cells and electrochemical hydrogen compression

Speaker Name: Desi Bacheva Workshop 5 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain

Job Title: Customer Validation Lead

Company Name: Hieta Technologies

Presentation Title: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles have significant potential to reduce C02 emissions in a large proportion of the future car fleet. A major barrier to achieving maximum penetration to market is the cost of an integrated, evaporatively cooled, automotive fuel cell system, and of those systems, the requisite heat exchanger and water separation system represents a major element of the cost, as well as driving the output power density of the system. Additive manufacturing (AM) is seen as an enabler for tangible improvement in efficiency and packaging whilst significantly reducing weight. Innovate UK AMAFS project demonstrated that AM is a viable process to design, build and test an innovative heat exchanger for an automotive PEM fuel cell system that has an increased efficiency and functionality, reduced weight and cost, resulting in significant improvements of the output power density of the fuel cell system.

Speaker Biography:

Dr Desi Bacheva joined HiETA Technologies in 2014 as a project design engineer. She obtained her PhD degree in Advanced Composites from the University of Bristol and a MSc degree from the University of Leeds. During her PhD studies, she received the ‘Best International Student Paper Award’ at the annual Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM) conference in Chicago, USA. She is a project leader for several past and current Innovate UK projects on developing lightweight and thermally efficient additively manufactured components for the automotive industry, including PEM fuel cells

Speaker Name: Mark Lidgett Workshop 5 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain

Job Title: Engineering Manager

Company Name: Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd

Presentation Title: Haydale and Composite Pressure Vessel Innovations

Speaker Biography:

Mark has a masters degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in composite materials, both from The University of Nottingham. After working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Composite Research Network at The University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), Mark joined Haydale Composite Solutions in 2014 where he is now an Engineering Manager and is involved in a number of research and development projects. Utilising his specialisation in composite materials characterisation and simulation, his focus is on innovation in design, development and manufacture of new composite materials and manufacturing processes for a range of research-based and commercial activities including; robotic filament winding of hydrogen pressure vessels, rotationally moulded polymer solutions for wave energy converters and graphene and carbon nano tube enhanced thermoplastic polymers and composites

Speaker Name: Chris Rowland Workshop 5 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain

Job Title: Structural Engineer

Company Name: Pancom

Speaker Name: Vincenzo Ortisi - Workshop 5 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supply Chain

Job Title: Senior Project Engineer

Company Name: Pure Energy Centre

Presentation Title: Real Commercial Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Hydrogen Systems The presentation describes how Artificial intelligence can be used efficiently to design commercial Hydrogen Systems that combines the use of Electrolysers, Gas storage, Fuel cells and Hydrogen fueling stations. This presentation describes how Pure Energy Centre is now adopting the result of the PhD undertaken by Vincenzo Ortisi on artificial intelligence and successfully applies the findings to commercial Hydrogen deployments. Currently, the PEC is using artificial intelligence to design and develop commercial hydrogen refueling stations all around the world.

Speaker Biography:

Vincenzo is a fuel cell patent holder and an expert in hydrogen technologies. He has designed and constructed the latest generation of the Pure Energy Centre 350 and 700 hydrogen filling stations that includes dispensing facility, compressor and electrolyser. He is an expert in renewable energy where he design novel ongrid constrained generation systems and offgrid installations. He has now developed a novel artificial intelligence system to automatically size systems for optimum energy usage.

Speaker Name: Kerry-Ann Adamson Chair of Workshop 6 Large and Small Scale Stationary and Portable Applications

Job Title: CEO

Company Name: 4th Wave Energy

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Kerry-Ann Adamson has been in the fuel cell and hydrogen sector for nearly 20 years. As well as a PHD in fuel cells as a disruptive technology she was awarded a Marie Curies fellowship to carry on her research, she then ran Fuel Cell Today for 6 years before taking the leadership in the Clean Energy team at Navigant Research. She now runs her own company 4th Energy Wave. 2017 saw the production of the 10 anniversary edition of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Annual Review, a report she started when she ran Fuel Cell Today, from which this presentation is taken.

Speaker Name: David Bow - Workshop 6 - Large and Small Scale Stationary and Portable Applications

Job Title: Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing

Company Name: Nel Hydrogen

Speaker Name: Chris Evans - Workshop 6 - Large and Small Scale Stationary and Portable Applications

Job Title: Director of Engineering

Company Name: Ceres Power

Presentation Title: The Commercialisation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells’

Speaker Biography:

Chris joined the business in 2005 and is responsible for developing and managing Ceres Power’s engineering capability. With almost 20 years’ experience, Chris’ career began in Control Engineering at Ricardo UK. He leads a focused, cross-functional team across a range of disciplines including system engineering, controls, analysis, mechanical design, thermal systems, test and programme management. Chris has a Master’s degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University.

Speaker Name: Eddie Broadley - Workshop 6 - Large and Small Scale Stationary and Portable Applications

Job Title: Senior Technology Manager

Company Name: Carillion Construction

Presentation Title: Collaborative Autonomous Power System

Speaker Biography:

With over 30 years of experience in intelligent transport systems including 15 in design and 15 in Construction Eddie has produced specifications and standard details for Highways Agency/England sub-systems and components and Commissioned the first NMCS2 system outside the M25.
He Managed the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the M6 Toll Road Tolling Systems and ITS equipment.
Representing Carillion Eddie was the Technology Integration Manager in the Managed Motorways Delivery Office and currently undertakes a similar role in the Smart Motorways Programme delivery team.
Eddie was pivotal in developing the Steel helical Screw Pile and Ischebeck Titan Micro Bored Pile solutions now commonly used on the strategic road network.
Eddie headed up a team that researched and developed a hybrid off grid power system for use with remote, safety critical electronic equipment a paper which was presented to the IET at the RTIC seminar in 2014.

Speaker Name: Christian Engelke - Workshop 6 - Large and Small Scale Stationary and Portable Applications

Job Title: Director

Company Name: Viessman

Presentation Title: Fuel cell for the residential market. Solution for decarbonizing heat, benefits for home owners, how to improve total efficiency with battery solution

Speaker Biography:

Christian joined Viessmann in 2007, tasked with overseeing the manufacturer’s product portfolio for the UK. He is responsible for all technical matters, from product performance to systems design, and Viessmann’s project sales department.
Originally a graduate of mechanical engineering, Christian began his career in Germany, working as a development engineer in R&D. Responsible for developing and launching one of the first pre-mix boilers in the UK, Christian came to England in 1996 and has been ingrained in the British market ever since.
Alongside his role at Viessmann, Christian is involved with a number of trade associations to support the industry in shaping the heating market to become more energy efficient.

Speaker Name: Chris Dudfield- Workshop 6 - Large and Small Scale Stationary and Portable Applications

Job Title: Chief Technology Officer

Company Name: Intelligent Energy

Presentation Title: Fuel Cells – Commercialising and Productionisation

Speaker Biography:

Chris Dudfield is the Chief Technology Officer at Intelligent Energy and has worked at Intelligent Energy since the launch of the business in 2001. Over the last 16 years Chris has worked in several positions including R&D Director, Director of Operations and Director of Programmes. Chris has worked continuously in the field of fuel cell technology since 1990, covering experience in fuel cell stack, fuel processing and fuel cell systems technology. He has extensive knowledge and expertise of fuel cell and hydrogen generation technologies including applications across stationary power, motive and portable power markets.

Chris is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and holds Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist professional status.

Speaker Name: Steve Griffiths Workshop 6 - Large and Small Scale Stationary and Portable Applications

Job Title: UK Business Development Manager

Company Name: SOLID power

Presentation Title: Cost efficient pathway to zero Carbon: Fuel Cell micro CHP

Speaker Biography:

I have recently joined SOLIDpower to develop the UK market for our BlueGEN MicroCHP unit. I’ve spent a number of years in the renewable energy sector, mainly developing Solar PV business. Whilst I am a new convert to Fuel Cell technology and the Hydrogen industry in general; I can see this exciting market sector growing phenomenally short term and becoming a big part of the energy mix across Europe.

Speaker Name: Tim German Chair Midlands Showcase 3 ( MHFCN)

Job Title: Head of Stakeholder Management

Company Name: Energy Systems Catapult

Speaker Biography:

Tim is responsible for the management of stakeholder relations at the Energy Systems Catapult. He transferred from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) to help create the core team of the ESC in November 2015. He has been involved in the development of the Smart Systems and Heat programme since 2013 and has established relationships with local authorities, universities; Government and SMEs across the UK. Prior to joining the ETI Tim managed energy programmes in Cornwall. Whilst in Cornwall he developed his specialism in bringing the public and private sectors together to deliver an essential low carbon energy agenda. His work in Cornwall led to involvement in award-winning national and international projects. As well as his pioneering work in ‘energy relationship building’ Tim is a qualified primary school teacher and has been a professional opera singer, performing roles in opera houses across the UK and globally

Speaker Name: Kevin Kendall - Midlands Showcase 3 (MHFCN)

Job Title: CEO

Company Name: Adelan

Presentation Title: Fuel Cells in Foshan

Speaker Biography:

Dr Kendall started Adelan as a spin-out from University of Birmingham in order to commercialise micro-tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (mSOFCs). The product is a rapid -starting portable power/heat device which has numerous applications, especially in hybrid battery systems. He initiated the fuel cell group at University of Birmingham in 2000 when he was Professor in Chemical Engineering and it remains the foremost training center in the UK for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell students. He set up the first hydrogen station and 5-car hydrogen fleet on campus in 2008. Adelan is based in Birmingham and Foshan, Guangdong Province where commercialization of fuel cells is accelerating rapidly in these next few years.

Speaker Name: John Jostins Midlands Showcase 3 (MHFCN)

Job Title: Founder

Company Name: Microcab

Speaker Biography:

John has a BA Fine Art and MA Design and Digital Media. His industrial experience includes working in motorsport and special effects in the film industry. From 1995 he became interested in sustainable design and was prompted (by the poor air quality in London where he was working) to start investigations into urban transport. Experience in motorsport gave him a good background in engineering lightweight structures and this, coupled with an interest in electric drive and hydrogen fuel cells allowed him to pursue the goal of designing useful urban mobility devices with zero emissions. Air quality remains problematic across the world, so the imperative is still there

Speaker Name: Marc Stanton - Midlands Showcase 3 (MHFCN)

Job Title: Corporate Communications Director

Company Name: Clean Power Solutions (CPSL - Group)

Presentation Title: Waste to Hydrogen Powered Wheels

Speaker Biography:

Marc Stanton is one of the founding partners of Clean Power Solutions and has been instrumental in promoting renewable energy in the UK and around the world. He lectures around the world about renewable energy and In the UK he is promoting the total cycle of converting waste into Hydrogen which can be used as vehicle fuel for the trucks that collect the waste. His international research includes Domestic demand side response research and working with one of the leading battery companies in the world to develop a self-contained hydrogen battery range extender. It is intended that this new technology will be used to convert all airside vehicles in Chinese airports to use Hydrogen, range extended electric vehicles

Speaker Name: Clare Jackson - Midlands Showcase 3 (MHFCN)

Job Title: Consultant

Company Name: Hydrogen Hub

Presentation Title: Hydrogen Hubs – a local approach to hydrogen and fuel cell deployment

Speaker Biography:

Clare runs the Hydrogen Hub, an industry-led community of stakeholders from across the hydrogen and fuel cell supply chain, Government, local authorities, businesses and current and potential users. It establishes communities or “Hubs” of stakeholders who work together to drive investment in hydrogen and fuel cell technology on a local and national scale.

In addition, Clare is a consultant at Ecuity, an energy policy consultancy working with industry and government on the UK’s transition to a smart, low carbon, cost effective energy system.

Speaker Name: Michaela Kendall - Midlands Showcase 3 (MHFCN)

Job Title: Co-founder

Company Name: Adelan

Presentation Title: Building Momentum for a Fuel Cell Future: The Role of UK FCH Businesses

Speaker Biography:

Adelan is the oldest fuel cell development company in Britain, and the only one in Birmingham. Michaela Kendall (Co-founder) is a British scientist, expert in air pollution and fuel cells. She became Assistant Professor at New York University at age 30. She later held Faculty-level positions in three continents and is now Visiting Professor of Energy Futures at Birmingham City University. She raised significant funding for research in health, energy, cities, economics and climate policy. She published >80 international journal papers and 3 books. She was interviewed on the Radio 4 Today programme, a keynote speaker to prestigious conferences (Royal Society, Royal Society of Medicine, Royal Society of Chemistry, etc), organized the Royal Society Bio-Nanointeractions Conference and is a long-term contributor to the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Conference. She jointly set up with Climate Change Solutions, and Chairs the Midlands Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Network, and Business Forum to develop FCH technology in the Midlands.

Speaker Name: David Terry - Midlands Showcase 3 (MHFCN)

Job Title: Business Engagement Manager - Energy Systems Technologies

Company Name: University of Birmingham

Presentation Title: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research - Business Opportunities and Support